Plexiglass Partitions During to prevent transmission of COVID-19

Preventing the spread of germs, viruses, and pathogens has become a major issue due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Clearview Plastics has created solutions for businesses, schools, and organizations to help protect staff, customers, and students from spreading this potentially fatal pandemic. When spaces become tight we have the right solutions to protect people.

Social Distancing. According to CDC guidelines people should keep a distance of at least 6 feet from each other in social environments. This can be tough in a world that was designed for us to work together closely. In spaces where it isn't possible to socially distance it is important to use the proper PPE to prevent the spread of germs. Plexiglass barriers are excellent products to partition 2 people in a small space. The optically clear impermeable plastic doesn't interfere with personal interaction and at the same time is doesn't allow germs to pass through. Because of this, we have made a system called SaniGaurd which covers many different areas in the workplace and schools.

Keeping interactions true. Partitions in places such as desks, cubicles, and service counters have been focused on separating people from potential transactions. Now, we need to keep interactions true so that people can communicate freely. A well engineered Sneeze Guard act as a protective barrier while minimizing interference in the interaction. We designed optimized sneeze guards so that they offer great protection, but more so allow visual and voice conductivity to keep interactions as true as possible.

A system that fits. Most sneeze guards on the market are designed to stand alone with a counter at a local convenience store in mind. The reality is that there are many more environments that need protective barriers to protect employees and customers. Places like office desks, school lunch tables, student desk, computer labs, wrap around counters, and much more need a dynamic system to cover them well. Clearview plastics has designed a system that covers many different areas and scenarios. More so, the SandiGuard system is designed to fit side by side with minimum interference and maximum protection.

There are no other systems that can cover a variety of areas, with complete protection, in a way that promotes true interaction like Clearview Plastic's SaniGuard system.

We invite you to chat with us to cover your office, business, school, or organization. We help with project large and small all over the United States.

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